Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Should Christians Vote for Mitt Romney?

Christians should vote their convictions and not be convicted about their votes. When it comes to selecting America’s next president Christians should be more concerned about a person’s stance on critical issues than their religious affiliation.
Romney is a devout Mormon, a religion that Christians view to be a cult, but for a Christian to not vote for him based solely on his religious preference would give validity to a secular world’s view that Christians are judgmental and close minded.

Instead Christians need to evaluate their own stance of hot topics like abortion, tax cuts, the war in Iraq and gay marriage. Then find a presidential candidate who best matches those convictions. Keep in mind that as believers in God our standard of morality comes from the bible. We, unlike political candidates, don’t have the luxury of wavering on our own personal standards and morality. The bible is what it is and we either believe in it or not. We are either Christ like or we are not but the choice is ours.

We can’t expect every presidential candidate to have the exact same convictions as we do but there will be some out there who are close. By informing ourselves of where the candidates stand on issues that are important to us we can cast a vote without compromising our own moral convictions regardless of the candidates religious affiliation.


Jackie said...

I agree. The best person for the job should be voted in. Color, sex or creed should never be the criteria. Aren't we taught that everyone is equal under the eyes of God ?

dolphinfan said...

Great point, jackie!