Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I’m Back!

I know it has been a while. So long in fact that many of you reading this are asking the question, “Who are you?”

I took a sabbatical from the blog but now I’m back with some fresh ideas and a new look. I really debated whether to just delete Abundant Living and start over or revise it because I wanted a site that focuses on religion but was also driven by the readers.

So I decided to change the look of the site, add a message board and continue on with Abundant Living. I’ll post a few times during the week but the meat of this blog, for it to work properly, will come from contributions of the readers.

You can contribute by participating in ‘Ask the Pastor’ or by posting on the message board. Ask the Pastor gives you the opportunity to ask questions about God, the bible, religion or life in general.

Send your question to Ask the Pastor!

The message board lets you discuss, ask and even debate a variety of topics. Feel free to post there as often as you like. You do have to register to become a member of the message board but that keep out comment spam.

Abundant Living is back and has the potential to be a great site! Not because of me but because of you and your continued participation. Feel free to go ahead and get started.